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Inserts For High Arches

Pes Cavus is caused by muscle imbalances in the lower leg and foot that draws the front of the foot, or sometimes draws the heel downward, making the arch higher than normal. It usually begins during childhood and may be associated with neurological conditions such as muscular dystrophy or spina bifida, but not always. In many cases the muscles of the feet become tighter or weaker for unknown reasons. As with many medical conditions, genetics play a role in who will become afflicted with high arches. Most cases of plantar fasciitis can be successfully treated with more conservative options with surgery considered only if all other treatment options have failed.

One thing to try are the over-the-coutner products that market themselves for high heels. They are called metatarsal or ball of the foot pads. They are oval-shaped pads that go under the ball of the foot, usually made from a silicone gel. They combat soreness under the ball of the foot. Especially if it’s made of silicone, it will hold your foot more steady in the shoe so your feet aren’t sliding forward as much, which will protect your toes from friction and blisters. We discussed common foot problems with podiatrists Bryan Markinson and Burton Schuler several years ago. Addressing these may help ease back discomfort. Tell your experience below.

High arched feet Having high-arched feet means your feet may not have the ability to absorb shocks that are brought about by too much strain on muscles and joints. To compensate on this, some of the most comfortable walking shoes for men and women offer better cushioning. After you have chosen according to your feet size and shape, you will then need to focus on the shoes’ ability to be really flexible. Walking involves certain movements of the feet and the shoes should be able move freely with it. Whether you are twisting or bending your feet at some points, the shoes should also flex as you walk.

For a runner with a high arch, that means you have less cushion when you’re running, and more of the impact from each foot strike is being transferred into your body. Ouch. Several studies have shown injuries like stress fractures to bone are much more common in runners with high arches, as a result of all that impact. Aches and pains have a nasty habit of appearing more frequently as we get older, and especially when we exercise more. But how do we start to decode where those aches come from, and which activity or physical quality is to blame?

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